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75 Years

The year was 1948 and Harry Truman took the oath of office as President of the United States of America.  The Cleveland Indians won the World Series by defeating the Boston Braves.  Laurence Olivier took the Best Actor Oscar for “Hamlet”.

Another historic milestone was the birth of MSP Industries, originally to build “to scale” hex head model screws and bolts for model trains.  However, due to defense and commercial demands, the original purpose was put aside to begin producing precision parts for the aerospace industry.

What does it take to continually serve our clients for 75 years?  A commitment of quality to our customers, a commitment of dedication to our employees, and a commitment to using the latest technology in the production of parts.

Our customer service philosophy is based on the Golden Rule, assuring our clients that before we make a decision, we always put ourselves in their shoes.

We would appreciate any opportunity to show you the reason for our longevity.