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Our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility is equipped for high-volume output with a wide range of machinery

We believe in the strength of American manufacturing and are committed to doing everything possible to encourage economic growth. American-made is a focus for MSP Industries across the board, from material suppliers and tooling providers to skilled machinery technicians and infrastructure support partners. We support a vibrant mentoring and training program for our employees that ensures our customers’ projects are guided by the best skilled technicians in the industry. These core principles result in the ultimate peace of mind for our customers. Our customers know they’ve entrusted their business to a company they can rely on for the ultimate in precision components.

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  • 8/42MM Euroturn Precision Turning Machines (x5)
  • 8/32MM Euroturn Precision Turning Machines (x3)
  • 6/32MM Euroturn Precision Turning Machines (x2)
  • 6/25MM Euroturn Precision Turning Machines (x2)
  • Davenports – Model B (x3)
  • Brown and Sharps (x3)

Tool Fabrication & Support

Complete Tool Room Facilities Featuring:

  • Tool-Makers Grindings (x5)
  • Bridgeport Milling Machines (x2)
  • Precision Engine Lathes (x2)
  • HYBCO Relief Grinder
  • AutoCAD & Esprit Systems – Wire EDM Machines
  • Mitsubishi – MV 1200R Wire EDM

CNC Turning

  • CNC Multiple Spindle INDEX machines (x6)
  • CNC YANG Machines (x17)
  • OKUMA 6 Machine 2 Axis Lathe
  • OKUMA B Machine 2 Axis Lathe
  • CNC Mini Series MILLTRONICS Milling machine (x2)
  • Eurotech Machine (x4)
  • Ganesh Machine (x5)
  • Star Machine (x5) Swiss machining
  • Takamaz (x2)

Quality Control Department

  • Mitutoyo PH-14LS Comparator 
  • Mahr Federal Surface Finish  
  • Calipers, Indicators, Micrometers, Height, Bore, Plug
  • Ring and Block Gauges
  • ZEISS Suffcom 2000SD2
  • Micro VU Vertex 251 UC
  • Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-2200

Secondary Operation

  • SUNNEN Hone Machines (x8)
  • CINCO 15 Center Less Grinders (x2)
  • CNC Center Less Grinder
  • Miles Broach Machine
  • SNOW Drilling/Tapping Machines (x3)
  • J&L Machines (x2)


  • Tooling & Fixture Design
  • Design and Fabrication of Equipment to meet customer specifications
  • Implement Procedures; create work instructions & process routings

Special Tooling Design to achieve maximum productivity & efficiency

Special Machinery

  • Robotic Assembly for Secondary Operations (x9)